Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Blues? Cheer up your skin!

Are you feeling down in the dumps by the end of February? Does your skin has the Winter Blues?

Dry skin is a very common skin problem and is often worse during the winter when environmental humidity is low. What can you do to prevent dry, itchy skin or more serious cracks and bleeding of skin?

Here's some tips for Winter Weather Skin Survival:

1. Do not take super hot showers! as a hot shower can further help to dehydrate your skin.

2. Don't use bubble bath or regular soap. Use a MILD soap or mild shower gel.

3. Put on moisturizer while your skin is still wet and give your hands and feet some extra moisture: it can be a light lotion, a thicker body butter, a richer balm, or body oil or take a nice bath with bath truffles!

4. Eliminate dead skin cells by using a gentle and moisturizing body scrub.

5. Pat your skin gently and leave it a little moist.

6. For your face, use a facial cream and a nourishing serum. Apply a mask/exfoliant at least once a week.

4. Use a touch of balm or even lip balm on lips, nose, and on cheeks before you go out for a wintry walk.

5. Hydrate your skin from the inside: drink plenty of water and other healthy fluids in the winter to keep your body and skin hydrated.

Take care and protect the largest beauty organ in your body, your skin!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

A romantic gift does not need to have price or societal expectations, but rather thoughtfulness, personalization, and intimacy. Each gift should be meaningful because women are not only hopeless romantics, they are hopeful ones as well. All women love personalized gifts. And I am not talking about the generic white mug with her name on!
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I would like to tell you (guys!) about all the wonderful Valentine’s Day themed gift boxes that are available right now at KlaraCoco.
I believe that a gift of luxury and pampering is the ultimate romantic gesture (OK, diamonds are fine too!)
A simple bath can be incredibly romantic and sumptuous and a bath takes only a few minutes to set up. A wonderful massage can be both relaxing and romantic. 
So, just a few suggestions for you all:
La Vie en Rose Gift Box:

Filled with unique and beautiful items that have all connections with rose. A perfect gift for your sweetheart, but also for your mom or a dear friend.
She’ll appreciate the body butter, and the delicious bath truffles and oil, the exquisite Bulgarian Rose absolute oil dilution, the organic tea with rose petals, the rose scented candle and the delicious little rose jam!

If you want something more flirtatious, go with our Romantic Rendez-vous or our Five Senses Sensual gift boxes to spice up your romantic evening or weekend getaway! 

We have great little gifts from HIM as well. We recently added to our Bon Vivant for Him collection new Bath Truffles and Body Scrubs. He will especially love the truffles: one truffle in the bath tub and no need to apply the lotion for a few days!  

You can also make your own selection of natural pampering products and add a gift box and one of our signature MessengersWhen you want to send someone special a message, forget Twitter, and go back to more genteel time!

The Pebbles Messenger includes black river pebbles with your message hand-written on it with metallic paint in a velour bag!

The Glass Vial Messenger contains a scroll of paper tied with ribbon and decorated with a silver charm. The paper is blank for your message or we can print your message on it. The bottle is sealed with a cork.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Organically Preserved Cosmetics - User Manual

You know how important it is to me to use products that are free of synthetic ingredients-including preservatives. All of KlaraCoco's products are free of these nasty ingredients- of course.

This inevitably leads to the question about the shelf life of these products. All products - food and cosmetic - will eventually become contaminated with living organisms (moulds, fungi, bacteria). What the food and cosmetic industry invented to extend the shelf life of their products is the used of artificial preservatives, like parabens to protect cosmetics, medicine and even food products.

Not long ago, nobody questioned the use of these harmful ingredients in products we use every day!

A number of studies were showing alarming results. Parabens may effect estrogen levels and contribute to breast cancer. So, a new movement came and more and more people wants products without these nasty things and a return to age-old wisdom of the many uses of herbs and fresh produce in cosmetics.

Companies that are conscious about this issue - like KlaraCoco - use a safe and pure method of preservation utilizing antioxidants and plant based preservative systems. While most conventional body and skincare products have a very long shelf life of three years or more (try to keep your butter mould-free on your counter for that amount of time!), organically preserved products can't sit around as long.

They have a limited shelf life between 6 and 18 months depending on the product, though it is recommended that you use them within 5-8 months to get the most benefit out of the essential oils.

To extend shelf life here are a few important rules you should take in consideration:
  • Keep your products out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Be careful not to introduce bacteria or water from your fingers during use.
  • Remember: use your product for all the great benefits rather that keep them on your shelf or medicine cabinet for years as a decorative accent!

One more thing:
How can you tell when a product has gone bad? If it smells a little funny or different than usual, than you need to toss it. Look also for discolouration and a change in texture.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

 is here!
These lovely blue bottles and jars are hand-filled with hand-made goodnesses, using only the highest grade organic raw materials, natural preservative and pure essential oils to ensure the most effective and most luxurious application.
Our 100% pure and organic Essentia Collection will give you a healthy and happy skin. 


Every single ingredient listed is plant based and scores 1 or less (meaning low to no hazard) on the Cosmetic safety data base.
Essentia Organics
Four Steps Complete Skincare Routine:


1. start your day with our TONER


2. apply our ULTIMATE CREME in the morning and at night
3. continue with the SERUM OILS for areas more needing special care
4. use our ROOIBOS EYE CREME under your eyes ever day for best results


5. prepare a MASQUE and SCRUB 2-in-1 two to three times a week.